The Ingenuity Project. energies combine, potentials emerge.

Program Overview

Since 1993 the Ingenuity Project has worked in collaboration with the Baltimore City Public School System to provide Baltimore’s brightest middle school students with a free, highly accelerated, and challenging mathematics and science curriculum.

9th grade geometry class

The Ingenuity Project®, a non-profit organization, is a joint effort of the Baltimore City Public School System, the Abell Foundation and Baltimore’s science and mathematics community. Our mission is to prepare highly capable and motivated students in Baltimore City to achieve at nationally competitive levels in mathematics, science, technology, and related fields. Graduates of the Ingenuity Project are highly sought after by the most elite schools and colleges.

Why Ingenuity?

  • No tuition for Baltimore City residents
  • Fast-paced and intensive mathematics and science classes
  • Classes with other, high ability students
  • High standards for the learning environment and student performance
  • Outstanding teachers providing challenging and dynamic course work
  • Students learn strong work habits and study skills
  • Extra support from Ingenuity staff
  • Provide a learning environment capable of responding to the heterogeneous strengths of each class and individual