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The Ingenuity Research Curriculum is a three-year program spanning the sophomore to senior years, serving as an incubator for future scientists, engineers and mathematicians. During the Research Practicum experience, students work with mentors at local colleges, universities, and other research institutions to develop independent research projects. Students contribute to the body of research and, in some cases, have their work acknowledged in scientific papers. They are required to submit their work to national pre-college competitions. For some, this will mean entering the Siemens Competition and the Regeneron (formerly Intel) Science Talent Search, two of the nation’s most prestigious, and financially rewarding, contests. Juniors and seniors submit their research to local science fairs as well.

Each year, the school year culminates the Research Practicum with an event called the research symposium. The Ingenuity Research Symposium gives students who have participated in research to showcase their work and present their findings to peers, faculty, staff, and parents. It is a highly anticipated event and draws a large crowd from the Poly community.


Symposium Timeline History

May 2017 – 15th Annual

Dr. Charles Johnson-Bey
Director, Engineering & Technology, Cyber Solutions, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Student MCs:
Robert Henry and Sophia Hager

  • Student Presentations
    • Self-Folding Motile Encapsulating Microdevices For Use in Single-Cell Analysis — Amy Zhang
    • Counterexamples in Calculus — Emma Eklund and Lauren Fink
    • Visualization of Aurora Kinase A Activity through Development of a FRET Biosensor — Yoav Kargon
    • Steiner Ellipse — Sigurdur “Ben” Bjarnson and Aishwarya Shettigar
    • Effects of Resistance to Inhibitors of the ERK 1/2 Pathway in BRAF Mutated Melanoma Cells — Anisa Hofert
    • Dethiosulfovibrio Strain F2b, a New Non-Thiosulfate Reducing Bacterium that Degrades Mariculture Waste — Stephen Grabowski
    • The Effects of Varying Water Temperature and Salinity Incubation on the Movement and Reproduction of Zebrafish — Julianna Lucas
    • Evaluation of Cribriform Foramina in Relation to Dietary Habits of Various Species within Lemuroidea — Olivia Birkel
    • Some Theorems and Problems in 3D Geometry — Nick Eusman and Robin Graham-Hayes
    • Fecal Sampling of Corticosterone in Chronic Unpredictable Mild Stress in Mice — Jacob Smith
    • Studying Toxigenic C. difficile as a Potential Inducer of Colon Cancer — Aishwarya Shettigar
    • A Comparison of Stock Data and Randomly Generated Data in the Context of Support and Resistance — Sigurdur “Ben” Bjarnson
    • Pulse Responses During Sleep Disordered Breathing Episodes — Branden Etienne
    • Transcendental Numbers Exist! — Andrew Frock and Amy Zhang
    • Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Monitoring Nerve Regeneration through Axogen Nerve Grafts in Rats — Sydney Worsham
    • Evaluating "Difficult" Integrals — Yoav Kargon and Sam Smith
    • Data Analysis of the NFL and MLB in Regards to Host Cities — Sydney Rosebrough
    • A Compliance Model to Improve the Accuracy of the da Vinci Research Kit — Nick Eusman
    • Solving Second Order Linear and Non-Linear Ordinary Differential Equations — Stephen Grabowski
    • Inspiring the next generation of STEM Leaders through the Senior Research Service Learning Project at Eutaw-Marshburn Elementary School — Jasmine Long

May 2016 – 14th Annual

Britni Lonesome
IBM Cloud Advisor & Poly ‘06

Student MCs:
Jasmine Long and Robin Graham-Hayes

  • Student Presentations
    • Activating mutations in FGFR leads to a competitive advantage in Drosophila germline stem cells — Kathy Le
    • Collection and Analysis of Data from Question and Answer Threads on Quora — William Povell
    • A Model for Wholesaler-Corner Store Interactions in Low-income Neighborhoods in Baltimore — Harry Huntley
    • Fibonacci & Tribonacci — Aaron Fink
    • Drones Equipped with LiDAR for 3D Mapping — Alex Hilger
    • Investigation of the Relationship between Osteopontin (OPN) and the HIV-1 IIIβ gp-120 Envelope Protein Regarding Axonal Length/Growth, and Cytotoxicity in the SH-SY5Y Cell Line — Simon H. Benzer
    • Stereometry: Basic Theorems and some problems — Ben Garlow & Kyle Low
    • The Effect of ErbB2 and its Localization on Cardiac Function and Structure — Cullen Bray
    • Extensive Analysis on the History of Poly’s Math Exams — Rebecca Gearhart & Faith Wilkins
    • Fourier Series — Max Yuhas & Will Povell
    • Expression of C9orf72 and SMCR8 in E. coli Cells — Si Lin
    • Encrypting Python Files — Yitzhak Oshry
    • Excavation and Analysis of an Endangered Prehistoric Native American Site — Luc Renaux
    • CT reconstruction of Ediacaran trace fossils — Humza Yaqoob
    • Advanced Upper-Limb Prosthesis Control Scheme using a Privatize Myoelectric Armband and a Virtual Prosthesis Program — Eterick Stonely
    • Trigonometry & Calculus — Kathy Le & Yitzhak Oshry
    • Properties of Squeers — Thomas Heck & Harry Huntley

May 2015 – 13th Annual

Mr. Timothy Regan
CEO of Whiting Turner and Poly Class of 1973

Student MCs:
Cullen Bray and Kathy Le

  • Student Presentations
    • Analyzing and Placing Limits on Light Curves Gen erated from HST/COS White Dwarf Data – Phoebe Sandhaus
    • Solving Cubic and Quadratic Equations – Allen (Lane) Easterling & Tula Raghavan
    • Lateral Force Scaling During Legged Locomotion – Morgan Hobson & William (Gus) Meisner
    • The Development and Evaluation of a 3D-Printed Body Powered Prosthetic Hand – Karam Lyons
    • The Effects of the Arts on Student Learning and Retention – Charlotte Fulwiler
    • Vectors and their Applications – Steven Tran & Spiros Reda
    • JHU Calculus BC Test – Benjamin Aladejebi & Omar Mahmoud
    • Risk factor control in older adults with diabetes – Ina Rastegar
    • Dynamic Fragmentation of Saturn’s E Ring Particles – Allen (Lane) Easterling
    • Acriflavine: A Novel Treatment for Glioblastoma Multiforme – Tula Raghavan
    • Trigonometry as a Tool – Morgan Hobson & Karam Lyons

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