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Johns Hopkins Institute for NanoBioTechnology
Nurturing High School Scholars. September 2017
Beyond the research experience, the collaboration that Brody experienced working in Gerecht’s lab has made her aware of the different types of careers and variety the program offers. “It’s really great that we have this connection. There are so many great labs and people can always find what interests them. It’s a great experience,” said Brody.

Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering
From Ingenuity Project to Engineer. June 17, 2017
Duncan Parke has been spending his summer vacations working. The Ingenuity Project senior has been busy with a project headed by ECE Chair and Professor Dr. Ralph Etienne-Cummings. This summer he is working on improving a portable ECG recording device that will be used to detect heart arrhythmias.

Baltimore Sun
Each student at UMBC graduation has a wonderful story. May 25, 2017
“We had a long road, but we got here, me and him!” said Teresa Lee, whose son, Da’Kuawn Johnson, 22, earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and molecular biology.

WBAL TV11 Baltimore
Ingenuity senior semifinalist in national science competition. January 13, 2016 
Kathy Le advances in the 2016 Intel Science Talent Search. Her work has led her to be a semifinalist in a national science competition.

Baltimore Style
Masters of Invention. January 7, 2016
The Capstone Challenge commissions teams of students to design innovative engineering plans that will address one of Baltimore’s most relevant issues: nitrogen pollution of Inner Harbor water.

The Star
STEM students designing solutions to city runoff. January 3, 2016
The Capstone Challenge commissions teams of students to design innovative engineering plans that will address one of Baltimore’s most relevant issues: nitrogen pollution of Inner Harbor water. 

Thomas B. Fordham Institute. Advancing Educational Excellence.
Featuring a guest appearance by the Ingenuity Project’s Executive Director Lisette Morris. November 2015
Why reformers ought to check their halos at the door, ESEA’s final stretch, Baltimore’s high-achievers, and students’ reactions to news of their AP potential.

Tech Crunch
Ingenuity at Poly alumnus, Duane Dennis, Class of 2010 and recent MIT graduate, shares his experience as a black entrepreneur. September 14, 2015
We are getting better, and more of us are entering the entrepreneurial arena than ever before. However, as we explore, we all need to be conscious to not leave behind our minority groups. As it stands now, 60 percent of all American entrepreneurs are white males. There are multitudes of reasons why this disparity exists, but rather than focusing on what is missing, we need to look toward the solution: early education.

Baltimore Sun
High school senior leads backyard campaign to elect Sen. Bernie Sanders as president. August 5, 2015
As chickens clucked and torch flames flickered, Harry Huntley, 17, welcomed a small audience to the backyard of his family’s house in Hoes Heights.”I’m Harry,” Huntley told 25 people sitting under a tent, where a projector connected to a laptop computer was about to beam live-streamed remarks by Sen. Bernie Sanders onto a bedsheet hung against the siding of the house as a makeshift screen. “I organized this whole thing,” Huntley said. “I’m so glad you’re here.

Baltimore Brew
After 20 years, Ingenuity still has to plead its case. September 30, 2014
With private funding expected to drop, city’s gifted student program faces fresh challenges. A tight budget for the 2015-16 school year could jeopardize the funding of the Ingenuity Project, Baltimore’s math and science program for gifted and talented students that counts among its alumni several Intel Talent Search semifinalists and a Gates Millennial Scholar.

Baltimore Sun
Helping low-income students succeed in college. June 4, 2014
The Ingenuity Project has made an accelerated and challenging science and mathematics curriculum available to Baltimore City middle and high school students since 1993.

Baltimore Sun
Resolution introduced Monday’s City Council. May 12, 2014
A resolution seeking to restore and preserve funding for two programs (International Baccalaureate and the Ingenuity Project ) that target the city’s gifted students was introduced in the City Council on Monday, as city political leaders described a disinvestment in the city schools’ top achievers.

Baltimore Sun
Keeping Baltimore afloat. May 6, 2014
Because the IB and Ingenuity programs are available, Baltimore City benefits from involved residents who might otherwise live elsewhere. These families make conscious decisions to live in and contribute to Baltimore City solely because of the opportunities afforded by the IB program at City and the Ingenuity program at Poly.

WJZ CBS Baltimore
Decision Time: Baltimore Student Weighs Multiple Ivy League Offers. April 4, 2014
Like most high school seniors, 18-year-old Darius Johnson has a big decision to make and it won’t be easy. The acceptance letters keep pouring in, including Harvard, Princeton and Duke.

Baltimore’s Child
How Ingenious! March 2014
For the past two decades, the Ingenuity Project—a nonprofit organization that partners with Baltimore City Public Schools—has provided more than 2,700 middle and high school students the opportunity to take accelerated math and science courses, participate in graduate-level research, and compete for national science, math, and engineering prizes.

WJZ CBS Baltimore
Budding Baltimore Scientists Take Off In Rocket Launching Competition. October 28, 2013
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out kids learn best when doing something hands on. Mary Bubala learned that could actually lead to a student becoming a rocket scientist. Students from three Baltimore City middle schools are competing in Rocket into Poly—a rocket launching competition at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. The students are all in the Ingenuity Project, which fast tracks students who excel in math and science. They had to design and build rockets from scratch.

Rocket Into Poly. October 28, 2013
“I’ve been up on the space shuttle four times,” said Former NASA astronaut Don Thomas. The now Towson University staff member spent Monday watching eighth graders plan to soar out of this world at the “ Rocket to Poly!” competition. They’ve been blogging for the past couple of weeks making plans for their rockets,” said The Ingenuity Project director Dolores Costello. “They don’t always get to see each other and talk to each other, but they’re using the internet to communicate,” she added.

Baltimore Magazine
Whiz Kids. September 2013
Last year Gabriel Grell was the only Maryland student invited to try out—and ultimately one of four named—to represent the U.S. at the 2012 Pan African Mathematics Olympiads in Tunisia. Gabriel has considered becoming a math major but he’s now pondering a career in astronomy after studying deep space with Hopkins professor Henry Ferguson as part of the Ingenuity Project’s research practicum.

The Official Homepage of the US Army
Future innovators exhibit talents at Maryland JSHS. March 12, 2013
By Mr. Dan Lafontaine
Tucker Chapin, a Baltimore Polytechnic Institute junior who presented his work on computer modeling of dark matter, said he was particularly impressed by the complexity and detail of his fellow students’ medical research. Gabriel Grell, a junior at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, plans to follow the career path of his father, a mathematician. He used his internship at NASA’s Space Telescope Science Institute to delve into research on low redshift galaxies that are moving away from the Milky Way.

Rediscovering Baltimore
Teno Boone, Whiting School of Engineering
Gazette, Johns Hopkins University’s monthly news magazine. May 2013
Teno Boone, who grew up in the city’s Echodale neighbor­hood, says he felt he knew Baltimore before he stepped onto the Homewood campus as a freshman. Turns out, Boone had barely cracked the shell.

Abell Foundation’s long term community investments pay big dividends, as entrepreneurs stimulate the local economy.
By Jared Lyles
Press Release. January 2, 2013
Abell Foundation as a common thread throughout Ingenuity students’ careers. The Abell Foundation and their support of programs like the  ETC, Accelerate Baltimore, and the  Ingenuity Project provide opportunities and programs that accomplish effective and  lasting changes in the city.

Milo & Otis, ‘The Joy’ album review
By Sarah Godfrey
The Washington Post. December 17, 2012
While Frank Ocean and Miguel were the most visible practitioners of groundbreaking, eclectic soul this year, Chicago duo Milo & Otis did some mold-shattering work, too.
“The Joy,” Milo & Otis’ debut effort, has made the virtual rounds since its May release, and everyone who listens seems charmed by singer/poet Jamila Woods (she’s Milo) and bassist/composer Owen Hill (he’s Otis). As one would expect of a group that takes its name from an ’80s movie about the friendship between a tabby kitten and a pug pup, the music is often adorable, but always has a little bite.

What Baltimore did for us
by Trang Diem Vu
The Baltimore Sun. May 23, 2012

On the front page of the June 22, 1990, issue of The Evening Sun is an article with the headline “Flight from Saigon lands and family grows by 16.” The article describes the emotional reunion of a sister with her 16 family members, who had spent the past 15 years in postwar Vietnam, waiting and searching for a way to America. The picture on the front page shows Kim Jones embracing one of her sisters in the Pan-Am lounge at Baltimore-Washington International Airport. Her mother stands behind her with a bouquet of roses given to her by David Jones, the son-in-law who sponsored the immigration of all 16 people.

Notable graduates at Baltimore-area colleges and universities
The Baltimore Sun. May 17, 2012
Dominique Duval, Eryn Gordon and Shauna Linn each opted for the latter, able to embrace both a top-notch education and avoid massive student loans through the Johns Hopkins University’s Baltimore Scholars program. The university offers full scholarships to students from city public schools who are admitted on their own merits.

Academically and athletically, Poly’s Guerrero-Martin does it all
The Baltimore Sun. February 25, 2011
David Nelson, research coordinator for the Ingenuity Project at Poly, said Guerrero-Martin’s ability to excel in a demanding academic environment comes straight from her athletic experience. “I feel like whatever she’s doing, it’s because she’s an athlete,” Nelson said. “There’s something about the routine of all the practice they have to go through and the endurance they develop that become beneficial habits. She really does have the ability to persevere through athletic or academic challenges. At school, she doesn’t give up. She stays with things. She has the patience and she knows how to pace herself to get through the work.”

How A Baltimore Teen Became Inspired To Be A Geriatrician
WBAL TV 11. June 28, 2012
by John Patti

“Through the Looking Glass: Understanding the World of the Alzheimer’s Patient”
The Huffington Post. June 19, 2012
by Grace Kearney

Ryan Harrison: Breaking the Mold, Predicting Proteins, and Inspiring Youth
Society for Science & the Public. June 17, 2011
by Caitlin Jennings.

The Ulster Question: Northern Ireland’s Violent Conversation
Great Kids Up Close, Baltimore City Public Schools. March 2011
by Caryn Carson

My Testimony: The Ingenuity Project
Great Kids Up Close, Baltimore City Public Schools. March 2010
by Chris Harris and Meagan Reid

The Ingenuity Project: Preparing Students for a Global World
Great Kids Up Close, Baltimore City Public Schools. March 2010
by Dolores Costello

High School Scientists
Johns Hopkins Medicine. February 2010
by Melissa Hendricks

ABC 2 News special  on Ingenuity Research practicum : “Often we hear about problems in Baltimore City schools, but kids in one City classroom are doing some real scientific research…” ; February 27, 2009.

Real kids, real research
USA TODAY. December 10, 2008
by Laura Vanderkam, a member of USA TODAY ‘s board of contributors: a handful of high school programs show that American students can become top scientists — if given the chance.

Ingenuity accomplishment : What Does It Take To Ace The SAT?
NPR Morning Edition, August 26, 2008
by Claudio Sanchez

A Little “Ingenuity” Leads Baltimore City Students to Success in Math and Science
The Education Innovator,  US Department of Education, February 9, 2006, Vol. IV, No. 4.
by Christopher J. Doherty, Acting Assistant Deputy Secretary of Education. The article is a Lead Feature in this issue.

The Baltimore Sun, December 16, 2004
New program is aimed at attracting more city high school graduates. `We hope this starts a pipeline.’