The Ingenuity Project. energies combine, potentials emerge.


The Ingenuity Project began the middle school program in 1993 and the high school component in 1997. Ingenuity is a non-profit organization 501(c)3 funded by the Abell Foundation and the Baltimore City Public School System . The administrative offices are located at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and serve over 550 children in grades 6 through 12.

Interested students must apply during the Fall preceding the school year they wish to attend. Applicants generally enter the program for the sixth and ninth grades. Students who continue to meet Ingenuity’s high standards continue through eighth grade and may reapply for the high school program. Enrollment is citywide, serving a diverse population.

Approximately two-thirds of the students selected come from outside the school zone of each of the Ingenuity schools. To the extent that openings occur in the program, students wishing to enter the Ingenuity Project for grades other than sixth and ninth must demonstrate competencies in science, mathematics, and reading.