The Ingenuity Project. energies combine, potentials emerge.

Courses and Standards

Middle School Curriculum

The Ingenuity Middle School science curriculum is designed to incorporate major principles throughout a three-year sequence. Although specific topics are used as an organizing framework, themes are referred to wherever they impinge on the subject matter under consideration. Included at every level are the processes of scientific research: how do we know what we know and how is it possible to find approaches to new questions. In every grade, students must tackle research problems–first as an entire class, then in small groups, and finally, by individual investigation. Examples of principles are:

Sixth Grade: Earth and Science
Seventh Grade: Living Things and Interaction with the Environment
Eighth Grade: Physics and Chemistry

For 6th and 7th grade, the Ingenuity Project utilizes Singapore Mathematics, based on that country’s successful mathematics curriculum (Singapore placed first worldwide in the 1995 Third International Mathematics and Science Study).  Eighth graders study a rigorous high school level course of Algebra One.


High School Course Sequence (Class of 2016)

Successfully completing this sequence will qualify students for the Poly A Course diploma.

Ninth Grade:

English I, Honors
Geometry, Honors
Biology, Honors
Biology Lab / Fundamentals of Technology
World History, Honors or AP World History
Modern Language, Honors
Health/Physical Education

Tenth Grade:

English II, Honors
Algebra 2 – Pre Calculus, Honors
Probability and Statistics, Honors / Trigonometry
Physics, Honors
Chemistry I / Introduction to Research
American Government, Honors or AP U.S. Government
Modern Language, Honors

Eleventh Grade:

English III, Honors or AP English Language
U.S. History, Honors or AP U.S. History
AP Chemistry / Lab or AP Physics 1, 2 / Lab
AP Calculus AB or Introduction to Calculus
Research Practicum (2 credits) or Fine Arts and Modern Language or Fine Arts and Elective

Twelfth Grade:

English IV or AP English Language or AP English Literature
AP Calculus (BC) / Advanced Topics in Calculus or AP Calculus AB or AP Statistics
AP Biology / Lab or AP Chemistry / Lab or AP Physics 1, 2 / Lab or AP Environmental Science / Lab or Elective
Research Seminar (1st semester) or Elective
Fine Arts (if necessary) or Elective
Physical Education (if necessary) or Elective

In order to receive college credit for an Advanced Placement (AP) course, students must score a grade of 3 or better on the AP exam at the completion of the course.  However, it is still at the discretion of the college/university to determine how much credit a student will receive.


The philosophy of the Ingenuity Project is to nurture, develop and encourage the Ingenuity participant. In keeping with this philosophy, students must meet the following requirements for the duration of the program:

  • Excellent attendance with no unexcused absences. This includes summer programs for Ingenuity.
  • Maintain a demeanor that is respectful of fellow Ingenuity students and teachers and which honors the importance of the work. Students who do not meet attendance and behavior standards will be dismissed from the program.
  • Maintain an 80 average or above in all course work. If at any time during the year an Ingenuity student is not showing consistent effort to meet the standards, the student and his/her parents will be asked to meet with the school and Ingenuity staff to assess the student’s difficulties and determine the necessary steps for improvement in academic performance. Students who are continually unable to meet the demands of the Project will not reenter the program for the subsequent year. If students withdraw or are asked to leave because they do not meet the standards, they will be assigned to regular classes.